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Race Results Overview


Race 1 Superbike - 9th  


Race 1 Superstock - 10th 

Race 2  Superbike - 10th 

Detailed Report 

The Eddie Stobart team hit the road late on Sunday evening, ahead of 11.30pm overnight boat from Liverpool to Belfast. Once landed, the team made their way to the Dundrod 150 circuit, a mere 15 minutes away from Belfast.  The team parked up, set-up and had a few days to prepare, before they took to the track.  
Wednesday was free practice, with untimed sessions scheduled for all machines. Daley quickly gained speed, and regained his circuit knowledge, having not been to the location since 2015.  

Thursday's schedule was for qualifying on the morning and the Dundrod Superbike race on the afternoon.  Daley's first qualifying was the Superstock 1000 class. The weather was dry but breezy as Daley took to the track.  Having no data on the BMWs and only a short amount of track time the previous day, Daley finished the session, securing 18th in qualifying.  Next up was the Supersport qualifier.  Daley took to the track, determined to qualify high up the field, in one of his favourite classes.   Unfortunately, halfway through the session, Daley took a heavy tumble at relatively high speed.  Daley was shaken but uninjured.  And after spending some time with the paramedics at the circuit, he was declared fit to ride again.  He quickly rushed back to the paddock with just enough time to change his helmet and boots before jumping straight back on, this time, on his Superbike for qualifying.  

Daley lost a vast amount of time in the pits making changes however, he still managed to get back out and qualified 18th.  Clearly sore from his previous incident.  The team had a short break ahead of the Superbike race in the afternoon.  During which, Daley received much needed physio and the bike was prepared, with changes made, before the start of the race.  

Thursday Race 1 - Superbike 

Daley got a good start, progressing rapidly through the pack and settling into a rhythm; setting personal bests lap after lap.  As the race neared the end, Daley was clearly beginning to tire due to the earlier impact so was more than delighted to cross the line, in 9th place. 

Friday was a rest day however, Daley began to stiffen up with whiplash, aches and pains so more physio was on the cards with an early night, ahead of Saturday's main events. 

Due to the damage caused during Thursday's crash, the team were unable to source parts to fix the bike in order to race.  

Saturday Race 1 - Superstock 1000 

Saturday morning was to see the Superstock 1000 class out first however, there was a slight delay whilst the organisers decided to delay matters in order to let the track dry, due to rain the previous evening.  When the race finally started, conditions had improved with only the odd damp spot around the circuit.  Starting in 12th position, Daley struggled to get the bike off the line and lost quite a lot of ground into turn 1.  His aggression took over and he began to fight back during the first lap.  As the race progressed, Daley picked up a number of positions and managed to finish in 10th spot. 

Race 2 - Superbike 

Starting back in 18th place, Daley had his work cutout.  Determined not the make the same mistake again, Daley launched off the line, finding himself catapulted onto the coattails of the leaders.  After holding his own at the start of the race in 7th place, Daley started to drop gradually, clearly battling with aches and pains.  His stamina was taking a massive hit lap after lap.  In the final lap, Daley somehow managed to pull off his best ever lap at the Ulster Grand Prix, becoming the latest member of the 130mph club.  Setting an average speed of 130.4mph.  

Race 3 - Superbike 

Unfortunately the last Superbike race was to cause an anticlimax to what had been a fantastic event.  After the warmup lap, Daley pulled up to his grid position.  The bike began to smoke and the team discovered a small oil leak and pressure loss on the engine.  The disappointment was clear on Daley's face as the team wheeled the bike off the grid.  

An Ulster Grand Prix of highs and lows but an amazing event all the same.  Once again, can we take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support.  

The team are now busy preparing for The Gold Cup at Oliver's Mount in September and we look forward to seeing you there. 

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