104 TT 2017 - Racing Review

Full TT 2017 racing review attached. Enjoy! 

Superbike Race 1

Successful day despite not finishing the race. After a fantastic first lap, Daley was already setting personal bests with the BMW. He settled in and was very comfortable on the bike. The first pit stop was slick and we gained valuable time on competitors. Daley moved up to 17th and was battling with the next few riders, up to 15th. As a second pit stop loomed, Daley was set for his best result yet setting a PB of over 125mph. Daley entered the pits on lap 4. Excited for what the next 2 laps had to bring.

However it was not meant to be. As a problem with the rear tyre was pointed out in the pits. With Daley choosing a 6 lap race tyre, the team didn't have a spare ready, in the pits. Thus forfeiting the race and dropping out of the top 15. Although initially upset, Daley and the team took positives away from the day for the rest of the week. 


Superstock Race

Having had no practice on the superstock bike, Daley wasn't sure how the race would pan out. The team made an educated guess at setting up the bike and headed to the grid. Daley was low down the starting order due to lack of qualifying. Conditions around the mountain course were less than ideal, with high winds affecting many of the fast sections of the course. Daley headed off for lap 1 and quickly realised, that he was going to have to compromise due to the set-up not being perfect. It was to be a long and hard fought race, battling the winds and soft set-up. However, he still managed to work his way through traffic on the road, gaining valuable time in pitstop and then crossing the line on the last lap, in 23rd place with a bronze replica to add to the collection.


Supersport Race 1

After minimal time qualifying owing to bad weather conditions, Daley was happy with his qualifying position of 31st. Feeling confident he could improve drastically during the race. By the end of lap 1 Daley had fought his way to 20th position and still had more in the tank. The end of lap 2, saw Daley entering the pits in 18th position. After an average pit stop, Daley was back out on track, recharged and ready for the next 2 laps. Having to find 30 seconds to the next rider and traffic coming into play. Lap 3 saw Daley step up to 16th position. He crossed the line on the last lap, doing his fastest lap of the race at 122.5mph, maintaining 16th and winning a stunning silver replica. Recording his best ever result in the IoM.



After a challenging week's practice, only getting to Braddon Bridge in the first night, the electrical gremlins plagued the team and prevented them from starting the following session.  Due to bad weather conditions, two practice sessions were cancelled meaning we were entering the race blind, having not completed a full lap of the TT course.  Nevertheless, the bikes lined up on Glencrutchery Road - damp track conditions meant that it would be less than ideal for superbikes however, wouldn't plague the electric race.  Daley and the team were optimistic however, with the lack of track time, their expectations were tainted.  As the first few bikes left the starting grid, anticipation mounted and soon it was all eyes on Daley Mathison under the archway.  Daley setoff in 4th position and had Dean Harrison on the Sarolea in front of him on the road.  He quickly felt at home, on a bike which was very similiar to which he had rode to success, in previous years.  As his confidence built, Daley began to reel in Harrison's machine, quickly making up the 10 seconds which he started behind him.  The bike responded great through the fast flatout sections of the course.  However, when it came to the long climb up the mountain, Harrison seemed to have more acceleration and came back passed Daley and slowly started to pull away.  Once up on the mountain, the Wurth Electronics Nottingham University bike came into its own.  It quickly made up the gap, which Harrison had created climbing the mountain. After a brief battle on track, Daley started to pull away once more.  Increasing his lead from 10 seconds, to upwards of 20 seconds.  Only 1mph slower than the full factory Mugen machine ridden by Guy Martin.  Crossing the line in a fantastic 3rd position.  The team were delighted and Daley celebrated with a huge burnout in the winners' enclosure.  Again enjoying the ecstasy of gaining another TT podium. 


Pokerstars Senior Race

Still beaming after the early morning electric race, it was time for Daley to come back down to earth for the pinnacle of the TT - the grand final race. Nerves began to build as over 80 machines took their places, on the grid.  Starting 34th on the grid, Daley was confident that he could improve on his starting position after such a great start, to the Superbike race at the start of the week. A gruelling 6 laps lay ahead, as Mathison took his place under the arch.  The Stobart BMW roared, as Daley dropped the clutch and took off, down Bray Hill.  As he headed into Laurel Bank, the bike developed a problem with the quick shifter, meaning he couldn't change up or down, without using the clutch which seriously upset the bike during corners - losing time down the straights.  Daley struggled on into the 2nd lap, fighting the bike but not making up much ground. Fortunately for him, the race was cut short due to an incident, on the mountain.  All the bikes were stopped around the course. And Daley was quickly able to identify the problem beside the track. Something that he was able to fix, there and then.  The bikes headed back round to the start line once the incident was cleared and were given enough time for fresh tyres and a refuel.  The race would be restarted and the race distance was changed to 4 laps. Daley made some small adjustments to the suspension during this time and again, joined the bikes on the startline.  Daley attacked the start, and quickly started to gain places By the end of lap 1, he had made his way to 20th place.  Then continuing to gain ground throughout lap 2.  The team ensured a quick pitstop, with a seamless wheel change and fuel fill.  Daley was back out on track, to start his 3rd lap in no time.  By the end of lap 3, Daley was up to 15th position and had already caught and passed, many of the bikes in front of him on the road.  As he entered lap 4, he was in heavy traffic, catching slower riders in front of him however, he had great confidence in passing them and chasing the bikes in front of him.  Which in turn, helped his lap time.  Daley finally crossed the finish line, in 13th position, setting a new personal best record of 127.228 overage speed, over the whole lap. And also a personal best race finish.


TT Overview/Feedback 

Daley and the team were ecstatic with this year's TT results.  Not only coming back faster and stronger, but smashing his personal bests in all categories.  Throughout the 2 weeks, the Eddie Stobart BMWs performed faultlessly and Daley was massively impressed in the difference from last year. Also, Steve Wheatman's Suzuki GSXR 600 once again, did us proud in the Supersport class with thanks to Tony Bass (Slick Performance) for providing another superb engine. Nottingham University UoN-02 made huge leaps forward, allowing us to lap almost 2 minutes quicker than last year - credit to the team.  


Daley would like to once again thank all of his sponsors, friends, family and supporters for their commitment throughout the year. 


Photo credit: Gary Howlett

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