104 Daley’s Domination

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Having not long returned from his solo journey to the Southern 100, it was time to pack again and rejoin his team, to take on Oliver's Mount for the third time this year. 

A firm favourite of Daley's, the familiar route was driven with ease and a smile on his face, knowing that he was once again returning to his home track for another round of racing. 

Friday saw the team setting up, whilst still celebrating Daley's 26th birthday.  With unsettled weather forecast for Saturday's race, the team headed off for an early night as a long weekend of racing loomed. 

Saturday morning the team woke to heavy rain.  Also low fog, which caused practice to be delayed.  When practice finally started, it was brought to a stop as one of the classic machines, covered half the circuit in oil.  Thus deeming it unsafe to continue.   North Yorkshire fire brigade batted with the oil until mid afternoon when finally, proceedings were able to continue.  By this time weather conditions had stabalised with only a few damp patches, here and there.  Daley took to the track, qualifying front row in both classes. 

As time was rolling on, race 1 was due to start - Junior A (600 race).  Daley took an early lead into the first corner and sustained the lead for 3 laps.  On lap 4, Jamie Coward took the lead and seemed to be opening a gap.  But Daley wasn't going to give up and decided with 2 laps to go, that he could still win the race.  After closing the gap, into the last lap.  The pair traded places three times.  Jamie was leading as they made their down the jumps, for the final time.  Daley's determination showed strong, as he pulled off a fantastic maneuver, mid flight, on the final jump, holding first position to the finish line.  

Darkness was closing in as they approached the final race of the day - the Open Solo.  Daley rolled up, starting in pole position and was quietly confident as the track conditions had gradually gotten better. Daley again took the lead into the first corner and pulled out a huge 2.5 second gap from the rest of the pack.  He slowly increased this to a massive 8 seconds, then backed off the pace and maintained a gap, using his pit board.  On lap 8, Daley crossed the line 6.5 seconds ahead of the rest to take 1st place. 

Due to the massive delays on Saturday, the organisers revised Sunday's schedule to compensate for the missing events.  Weather wise it had rained overnight however, the roads were rapidly drying as the first few support races took to the track.  

Daley's first race of the day, was to be 2nd leg of the Junior A 600 race.  After making drastic suspension changes overnight, Daley was hoping today's race would be a little easier than the hard fought battle on Saturday.  The Suzuki GSXR-600 rolled up on pole position for the start and again, Daley's blistering starts continued leading into turn one, once again. Daley started to slowly break away at a rate of 0.5 second, per lap.  Lap 4 saw Daley land heavily over the jumps and unfortunately, burst a fork seal which in turn, leaked suspension fluid onto the front tyre, causing him to gracefully slide out of the lead. Fortunately he was uninjured and the bike wasn't damaged. 

Daley was quickly cleared by the doctor and back on the grid for the start of the Senior.  Daley's confidence wasn't to be dampened as he launched the Stobart BMW into the lead and again, with Jamie Coward close behind.  It took him 5 laps to break the tow, finally taking the chequered flag and crossing the line 3.6 seconds ahead. 

The second leg of the Open was to be the last race of the day, as the second leg of the Senior was to be abandoned due to weather issues later that day.  The Open, saw Daley confidentially take control at the front and push ahead of the field where he remained for the full duration of the race.  His BMW performed perfectly as he maintained his position and crossed the line once more, in 1st, 6.2 seconds in front.  

Daley and the team were proud of their achievements and adding to their 2017 winning total.  They would like to thank their sponsors for their continued support and are now preparing for their next outing at the Ulster Grand Prix. 





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