104 TT Update - Supersport Race 1 | 8 Jun 2017

TT Update - Supersport Race 1

Apologies for the lack of updates - here's an update on what's happened since our first repot. 


photo credit Markspics 

Supersport Race 1 Review

After minimal time qualifying owing to bad weather conditions, Daley was happy with his qualifying position of 31st. Feeling confident he could improve drastically during the race. By the end of lap 1 Daley had fought his way to 20th position and still had more in the tank. The end of lap 2, saw Daley entering the pits in 18th position. After an average pit stop, Daley was back out on track, recharged and ready for the next 2 laps. Having to find 30 seconds to the next rider and traffic coming into play. Lap 3 saw Daley step up to 16th position. He crossed the line on the last lap, doing his fastest lap of the race at 122.5mph, maintaining 16th and winning a stunning silver replica. Recording his best ever result in the IoM. 

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