104 Mathison joins WH Racing for support class assault | 2 Mar 2019

Mathison joins WH Racing for support class assault

DALEY Mathison is gearing up for his busiest season ever after joining WH Racing for the road racing support classes this season.


full story attached. By UK Club Sport and picture by Gary Howlett

The multi-time TT Zero podium finisher will be armed with a Superstock BMW, an ex-Raceways Yamaha R6 and a Kawasaki 650 Supertwin for the international road races as he completes a full house of machinery.

Mathison revealed last month that he would be stepping into the Penz13 camp for a Superbike assault on the IRRC series in Europe, as well as the big three road events.

And alongside the University of Nottingham’s TT Zero machine, on which he’s expected to return, his deal with the WH squad means the 27-year-old is in for a taxing Isle of Man TT with action planned in all six solo classes.

But Mathison believes that the Northumberland team is exactly what he needs to make the next step in his career and break through to the top ranks.

“I’m on the brink really, now’s the time when I need to start breaking into the top pack and for people to stand up and take note,” he told UK Clubsport.

“I’ve been doing it long enough now and I want to do it as a career eventually, that is the main goal. I’d love to be a professional motorcycle racer, but I have a lot to prove before that’s possible and with the amount of track time I’m going to get this year I should have a much better opportunity.

“I struggled for track time last year, so when I got the opportunity to race at Macau with Penz, I obviously jumped at the chance, but I wasn’t as fully bike fit as I would’ve liked to have been. I hadn’t ridden properly since the TT, so I knew I wasn’t going to be halfway up the grid, and all the guys I’d beaten in previous years were in front of me. It just goes to show how much you lose out not having the track time.

“One of the biggest reliefs for me this year is not having to do everything myself, in terms of prepping the bikes, transporting bikes, all that, so I can just concentrate on my riding.”

WH Racing suffered the loss of one of its founders, Shaun ‘Holly’ Holliday, during the winter months, but team boss Steven Watson revealed he and the crew were never going to pack in.

And with the opportunities he and the team hope to take hold of with Mathison on board, he believes it could be a perfect partnership.

“We want to build a team, we want to be successful as a team and we need a high-calibre rider to bring our team forward,” Watson said. “And we think we’re in a good position to help Daley and get him what he needs.

“We were never going to pack in, we’ve always wanted to move forward. Shaun, Holly, wanted this to go on. We want to enjoy our year and give Daley the best package we can, but we haven’t got any targets.

“I said to Daley we’re not pressurizing anyone, we’re not saying we want a top 10, we want this, we want that. We’re not gaining anything by pressurizing him, we just want to work our way into it nice and slowly, get to know everyone and get to know how everything works.

“The team should be in for a good year, we’ve got Paul from DynoBike coming on more full time with us now, he’s going to be at every meeting helping us out with the engine and getting the data so he will be a great asset to the team.

“Daley’s trying to build his career and we’re trying to build our team, so for us it’s a great combination.”

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