104 Frohburg Debut | 29 Sep 2018

Frohburg Debut

Daley’s race 1 report attached...

On what should have been Scarborough’s Gold Cup weekend, Daley was happily settled in Germany, making his career debut at Frohburg, having been given an amazing opportunity by WEPOL Racing by penz13.com to race both here and at Macau. 

Daley’s Report 

Having taken to the track for practice 1 this morning, I felt at home on both the bike and circuit - each lap, making mental notes and snapshots of the layout and conditions. 

Positive progression continued each lap, until lap 4, a product malfunction resulted in retirement for both the bike and myself. An ambulance ride to a&e, meant I missed 2 full practice sessions but my deep leg laceration, required stitches and staples. Thankfully, I made it back in time for the few remaining practice sessions, ahead of race 1.

With a sore leg but still feeling content in my mindset, I got my head down, having been left with a 21st start position and a lot of ground to make up. 

The team dynamics, great work ethic and professionalism, has left me with a great attitude and relaxed nature, allowing me to focus on my racing to produce a Frohburg race 1 debut of a 7th place.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support - sponsors, fans, friends and family. 

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